How You Can Generate Unli Leads Through Social Media Without Going Through Trial & Error So That Your Business Can Grow & Thrive Online

Upon observing our market, a lot of our leads would have an objection wherein they would prefer hiring a freelancer over an agency…

Let me ask you something…

Would you rather hire a freelancer or a whole team to execute your deliverables?

Would you rather micromanage an individual…

Or just have an agency who is already internally managed just to ask approval from you?

Hands off, 100% done for you?

Hey, it’s G!

It all started when…

”Ahh! I cannot do this anymore!”

I screamed in the middle of a messed up bedroom with boxes & clothes on the floor.

My heart was pounding wildly.

My face stared blankly not knowing what to do.

Having all these orders to fulfill…

My phone making an annoying “ting” sound every time a customer sends a message.

That overwhelming feeling that brought literal tears and sweat on a normal Saturday afternoon.

I just looked like I stayed up all night to study for a test I just failed.

With a messy tied up hair and wearing a huge shirt…

I can’t do this! I give up.”

Having no time to create strategy and content for my clothing shop’s marketing collaterals…

All because my plate was overloaded with so many business aspects…


Are you a business owner who is currently busy focusing on other aspects of the business such as fulfillment & operations?

Do you want your social media presence to continuously boost your brand awareness and generate unlimited leads even if your focus is on the other parts of the business?

Would you want your social media needs 100% done for you?


But don’t take our word for it.

Hear it from our client!

Why we’re not like other social media marketers

Yes, we do content creation, strategic planning, and all those things… BUT WHY?

Just like you, I was once struggling with social media marketing.

Remember, I was an e-commerce business owner once. I had so much on my plate such as fulfilling orders and answering inquiries.

Marketing on social media was something I couldn’t handle anymore…

But creatives and strategy were something that I really enjoyed doing.

That’s why I started ZiNG Digital+.

To help business owners such as yourseof to take this aspect out of your hands…

I want you to be able to focus on other important parts of the business while still being able to generate sales from social media.

So, let’s both take action together and help your business thrive in today’s fast changing digital world.

We have grown over 50 brands since…

Light Weight Sleek Arrow

Just like yourself, these brands also had the challenge of coming up with new creatives and strategies that would boost their social media image…

But, ever since they partnered up with ZiNG Digital+, they’ve gotten both results and peace of mind.

Depending on their needs, challenges, and internal business problems…

We help them find the best solution that we can give to fulfill their needs in marketing to make room for other parts of the business.

The service and wide range of options really worked well with us. We’ve seen good numbers in terms of online awareness which in turn churned in sales. Our partnership with ZiNG was a good move and i would highly recommend every business to work instead with this young and vibrant team.

— Shiela Vitug

ZiNG Digital+ has been very PROFESSIONAL AND EFFICIENT in delivering digital services for our group. Communications were always CORDIAL AND RELIABLE. Congratulations ZiNG for a successful startup, all the best!

— Nina Belgica

Thank you so much ZiNG Digital for helping me out with my instagram account! Your content ideas are perfect and copywriting is excellent too! Thank you for accommodating all my questions and for helping me cope up with new tech and terms. It is a great experience working with you!

— Bridget Gannaban

Here’s what I’ve accomplished…

  • Boosted a brand’s reach by over 1000%.

  • Created a social media presence with over a million in additional followings.

  • Increased sales by 4x for an e-commerce brand.

  • Went viral on Tiktok with 900,000 views.

  • Generated six figures in sales with low ticket offers. (organically)

What we’ve done…

Brand Launch Marketing

Our team lacked in innovative strategies…

Had no consistency and overall communication.

In which could’ve been improved.

It ended up not working out…

But it’s okay! We learned from it.

Now, we deliver the best quality work for our clients!

Here’s what we’ve done (organically)

Increase in reach to boost the brand’s brand awareness

Hear it from our Client!

Although running our social media account was only a small aspect of my day in the past, it took up a lot of space in my mind, which kept me from doing other more important things.

You’ve really helped take things off of my plate so I can focus on the bigger things. I was able to grow Filiflavors 4x this year compared to last year due to being able to join more events, reach out to wholesale clients, and bring in our own brand of products. I wouldn’t have had the space to accomplish all of these if I was still doing everything myself.

My sincerest thank you to the entire team for the dedication and hard work. I’m so excited to see Zing grow and be an agency of choice for all businesses.

Bianca Pamela


Curating the Feed based on the brand’s aesthetic

Minimalist Monoline Shape

Get a HIGH rate of Return on Ad Spend

What can our team do for you?

With over three years dominating the industry and different markets, and as a Gen Z who has built a team of clout chasing besties, we have grown over 30 brands both locally and internationally, generating over 400% more in leads and sales, focusing on higher engagement and conversions for our clients and getting results within 30 days with our tested and proven system that we will copy and paste for your business to ensure the success for all clients.

This is for you if…

  • You have been experiencing burn outs, stress, and lack of sleep due to the number of hats you need to wear while running the business.

  • You believe that marketing is a whole team’s job and don’t want to manage and build your own team from scratch.

  • You are willing to let go of the marketing aspect and trust our DONE FOR YOU services by our team of industry professionals.

Now, what do we do? (specifically)

  • Social Media Content Marketing
    • Facebook, Instagram, & Tiktok
  • User-Generated Content Creation
  • Visual Branding and Creatives
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Brand Strategy and Marketing Management
  • Paid Advertising Campaigns

Expected Results:

  • Increase in brand awareness
  • Better community building
  • An increase in your analytical data
  • More qualified leads generated
  • A better engagement rate

*Minimum engagement with us is $500.

Our Best-Selling Offer


This is for you if:

  • You want to build a strong community but is currently lacking content consistency.

  • If you’re looking to build your brand credibility and social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

  • If you wish to save time wherein instead you create content, you’re focusing on your business operations.


  • Social Media Account Management
    • META, Instagram, and Tiktok
  • Content Calendar and Strategy — 20 posts
  • Brand Toned Copywriting
  • SEO Keyword / Hashtag Research
  • Brand Collaterals and Graphics
  • Short Form Video Editing
  • Community Management
  • Daily Engagement
  • Short Form Video UGC Content Creation
  • Monthly Insights and Analytical Report

The 21st Century Modern-Choice Marketing Company FOR YOU


  • Start-up Creative Branding
  • Brand Revamp and Rebranding
  • Digital Entrepreneur Virtual Assistance
  • Brand Strategy & In-House Marketing
  • Website Development and Maintenance
  • Brand One-Time Campaign Marketing
  • Chatbot Setup and Automation
  • User Generated Content Creation
  • Tiered Influencer Marketing
  • META and Tiktok Ads Campaign Management & Setup
  • Marketing Collateral Creatives Bundle

What happens when you work with us?

You get a systematized social media content and management that gives you peace of mind.

You'll have posts that sound like you wrote them (even if you didn't!).

You'll get time to be focused on doing things that are moving the needle for your business -- things only you can do.

You can now work ON the business like the business owner that you are.


If what we were to do would free up your time and make you more money, how much value would that be for you?

Automated Social Media as easy as 1-2-3

Minimal Modern Contour Buildable Circles

Elevate your brand through authentic storytelling and an aligned audience-based content strategy.

Book Your Call

Let’s Strategize

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Contract Signing

DONE FOR YOU Social Media

I have a gift for you…

Because I really wanna help you out,

even without anything in return…

The best way i can do that is to gift you a FREE strategy call.

And to ensure this is worth the value I'm giving,

If I waste your time, I will pay you. No questions asked.

So hurry, APPLY FOR A CALL right now!

(Because social media is fast-changing)

The strategies we have for you today might not work

anymore in the future.

Hear these strategies as soon as 72 hours from now.

Execute ASAP. Stay in the loop...

...and keep up with today's digital world!

P.S. This offer will not be available for long.

And I am only accepting a limited number of business owners a month.

Take action now.

P.P.S. We are only accepting a limited number of applications because we only want to work with entrepreneurs we can guarantee results for to ensure that we will be able to help the right people the best we can. Therefore, through this application, we are able to evaluate to see if we’re a good fit.

Let’s thrive together

OOO and lastly, interested to explore other advertising channels?

Digital Media and beyond…

Like they say, to dominate the market, you gotta be repetitively in front of your market’s eyes.

An average prospect takes at least 7 times to see the brand before even considering to convert into a customer.

What better way to do that than to cast a wider net?

At the end of the day, it’s about trust, credibility, and recognition. Underestimating the power of real-world visibility is a key factor most brands are missing.

Make your message a landmark.